Holiday gift guide 2011 for Moms & Friends

So I finally got all my christmas shopping done this weekend and I thought I would share the things that I got.The purchases I made were very cheap but cute at the same time.I was on a budget for shopping for gifts but I think I got some great items that are great to give to your friends and mom.So I hope these gifts help you last minute shoppers!

     Gifts For Friends                                                                           I wrapped the gifts in Bags
  •  $ 1.99 Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask( Buy at drugstores,Walmart,Target ot Kmart)
  • $ 4.99 Pack of Six Body Butters gift set(Walgreens)
  • .99 China Glaze mini Nail Polish in Go Crazy Red(Sallys beauty supply)

Gifts For Moms & Grandma's
  • $ 1.50 Bath Sponge(Biglots)
  • $ 1.50 Raspberry Gelate body wash(BigLots)
  • $ 1.50 Revlon nail polish in carbonite(Biglots)

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