Splash: Summer Thrift Haul

Happy Monday everyone! So I am back with another haul. I went thrift store shopping at my local Goodwill last week and I thought it would be fun to show you what I found! So my mom and I went to Goodwill right when it opened so it wasn't crowded at all. We literally stayed in the thrift store for 4hrs! I tried on so many things and this was my end result. I hope you enjoy what I found and I highly recommend you to go check out your local thrift store because you can find some really good things! On to the haul~
So when I first stepped into a thrift store I always head over to the shoes but I had no luck this time so I decided to look at some hats. My favorite hat is the one in the middle because it reminds me of the hats that you see a lot of gyarus wear plus its really cute and ways only $2.17!
When I was thrifting I was trying to find some summer pieces and I stumbled across these. I was so happy when I found that orange crochet top because I have notice that crochet dresses are very popular for the summer so, I was very happy when I found it!
I wasn't really looking for accessories but when I found this gold necklace and bag I was very excited! At  first I was debating if I should even get the bag or not but my mom said that its a very unique so, I decided to add it to my bag collection. I cant wait to wear it!