My Kpop Gift Ideas

Hey everyone! I know its been a while but I am finally on Christmas break, so I plan on posting a little more.Today I have some awesome  diy kpop Christmas gifts that I made for my friends.These gifts dont have to be use for christmas but you can use these gifts for birthdays too!Hope these ideas help you!

1 Frame
A picture of your favorite Idol
dry earse markers& earser
 Step 1:Prep your Work Space
Take your frame and remove the glass if you are spraypainting.If you spraypaint your frame make sure to work outside.Lay your newspaper down.Shake your spray paint and spray your frame.Do one coat let dry.Do a second coat and let dry.(If you want spraypaint both sides of the frame).
Step 2: Print Picture
Print a full color picture of your Idol.You may need to cut the picture to fit the frame.
Step 3: Time to complete the Frame!
Place your frame glass back in your frame. Now put your kpop idol picture in the frame.Get some dry earse markers and your done!
Kpop Badges

If you want a quick and easier gift ideas.Try to make these badges.I purchase the pins at Micheals Craft Store.I printed the pictures online and made sure the pictures fit the pins.Then cutted them.I hope these ideas help.They are great gifts if you dont want to pay shipping oversees!Happy Holidays!

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