New Blog Layout + Blog Schedule

Hey everyone !!!! Have you noticed my new blog layout? Do you guys like it? Well I do! I  have finally got my blog the way I want it and I am very happy now. I know I have not been blogging recently due to my pack school schedule, but I am going to start blogging more often now. I will have a blog schedule so you guys wont have to check everyday to see if I post anything. I also will be posting two times a week. I want to interact with you all ,so sometimes I will have a poll box so you guys can choose what the next post will be about! My blog will still express Asian fashion and beauty and will also include American fashion and beauty as well. I hope you enjoy my new and improved blog !
           BLOG SCHEDULE
              MONDAY and SATURDAY:  Starting next  Monday 03/11 and Saturday I will start to post.  These post  could include beauty, fashion , DIY or more (I would love request,so please post them in the comments)!!!         
         MONTHLY FAVORITES: Monthly favorites will be every end of the month.These post might only include cute app of the month or  all my monthly favorites

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