My Coffee Shop #7: Japanese Magazine "Ray July 2013" Issue Review

 Happy Monday everyone! I am back with another magazine that I purchased from yesasia. I know I'm a little late in posting this since July is already over but this magazine is awesome and I need to share it with you guys!
What's Ray? 

Ray is a Japanese magazine that gears to women in their early 20s. The style in this magazine is for women who like the Mote-kei  style which is being feminine without being too sexy. As you flip through this magazine you will come across  fashion,hair, makeup, recipes and more!
 Magazine is no longer available on but you can purchase the September issue here!

My Review
So I was very excited when I received this magazine in the mail from Yesaia. I have never heard of Ray until I went on YouTube and watched Lauren known as nihonchique on YouTube video on Japanese magazines. In the video she talks about the differences of American and Japanese magazine and also shares info on the magazines she purchases. She is the reason why I purchased this magazine from Yesasia and was I very pleased with it! Anyways I recommend you watch the video its great. Watch here!
I really wanted to purchase a Japanese magazine with a freebie to see if its actually worth it and it is! This magazine comes with a free pocket size stationary book from Samantha Thavasa. I think this book is great to have in your purse when you need paper! I'm currently in the process of redoing my wardrobe to what I want to wear for college since I'm not in high school anymore so this magazine is very helpful with their 30 day coordinate outfits. There are also great hair and makeup tutorials in this magazine that are also easy to follow from the pictures. I was very happy to see this magazine had yummy recipes you can make and also some fitness you can do when you get closer to the end of the magazine!
Shipping :When I took the magazine out of its box it was nicely bubble wrapped and package in its own plastic wrap. For more info about shipping check out my last post here! 
Pro: Great variety, Wearable fashion, Reasonable price with freebie
Con: none
Overall:  This magazine is great for people who are into cute fashion.

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