My Coffee Shop #6: Japanese Magazine " S-Cawaii August 2013" Issue Review

Hello everyone! So if you follow me on instagram you would know that I recently  purchased some Japanese magazines from . Instead of doing a yesasia haul I thought it would be a great idea to review each magazine just incase you are interested in purchasing this magazine! I have always been a huge fan of Japanese fashion magazines because I love the  unique styles that they have. Even though I cant read Japanese I love getting inspiration from these magazines!  So lets gets started !~
What's S-Cawaii?
S-Cawaii is a Japanese adult gyaru fashion magazine that gears to women ages 18 to 24. Most of the styles are for people who love Harajuku and Shibuya fashion. This magazine has a mixture of fashion, makeup and hair !
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I decided to start with my favorite magazine which is S-Cawaii. I have always been a fan of S-Cawaii magazine. I use to look up magazine scans of this magazine on tumblr and I fell in love with their  fashion!
 When I first opened this magazine I was really happy that their wasn't so many ads because usually in American magazine their are about four to five ads at the beginning and throughout the magazine and that's not what I really want to see right away. I did find it very interesting that they use the same models through out the magazine so you get to know the models really well and have your favorite! I love that the looks are very
current and wearable in the magazine. Even though you don't live in Japan you can still find items very similar to it. A great thing about this magazine is that it gives you more than just fashion their are hair and makeup tutorials and the pictures are really easy to follow by so you don't need to know Japanese!

Shipping: I have purchased many things from Yesasia before and I never had a problem receiving anything from them in the  United States. Yesasia currently has a free shipping offer with a purchase of $25 or more. I was kind of nervous doing the free shipping offer because it doesn't come with a tracking number but I did it anyway and got my package in 2weeks so I was very pleased! Each magazine comes also comes individually wrapped.  has a huge range of Japanese magazines so I recommend that you go check it for yourself!

Pros: The magazine has a nice gloss and the pages are thick and are not flimsy, Wearable fashion, great variety!
Cons: kinda  expensive for a magazine
Overall: This magazine is awesome and great for anyone who wants to try Japanese fashion. The magazine is great quality I just wish it was a little cheaper on Yeasasia!

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