Keep It Kpop: BTS " No More Dream" & more!

Hey guys! So I'm coming back to you with a new rookie group known as BTS ( Bangtan Boy). They are a new Hip Hop idol group that I am starting to love! When it comes to rookie groups I am very strict on them because their are so many groups out their in the kpop world. Many groups change their concept very quickly so I tend to be a little harder on rookie groups for that reason. The way I determine if the group is worth staying with is by seeing their next comeback song but not in this case! I think BTS is a very talented group their song " No More Dream" is pretty catchy and I love their hip hop style I just hope they keep it! I also love the message that BTS gives in this song they are basically saying open your eyes and dream on what you want to do in life!
I have been seeing on YouTube that some people have been comparing them to B.A.P  and I understand why. B.A.P and BTS have that tough image but I honestly think they are being BTS and I wouldn't compare them to any kpop group. Obviously  BTS has that old school American hip hop vibe that you don't get in kpop ( unless you are listening to K Hip-Hop or R &B).
I was very shocked when I learned their names so fast. I have never learned a rookie groups names so quickly (expect for B.A.P). I love BTS but I already have my biases in the group. I love Jimin,J-Hope and Rap Monster! They really stick out to me because they are all so different. I also recommend that you check out the album because it is really good!

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