Keep It Kpop: Mblaq Smoky Girl MV + Comeback Stage

Good morning or afternoon wherever you are around the world! I am back with another new kpop song that I just love, Mblaq's "Smoky Girl"! I was so excited when I heard Mblaq was coming back because I think they have been promoting in Japan for while. Smoky girl is such a catchy upbeat song! My favorite member is Joon but I have to stay that I was loving G.O in this mv just a little more! I think Mir looked so cute in this video and Thunder's hair was extremely bright! I cant forget about about SeungHo I was also loving his blonde hair! So I was doing my research and found out that Zion T, Simon D and Primary produced smoky girl. I definitely recommend that you check out these artist because they are a AMAZING!!! Also the album itself is also really good so I will also post it below!

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