Keep It Kpop: CL Baddest Female MV and More!

Hello everyone! This was a long awaited post but I am back to talk about CL "Baddest Female" MV! I would like to start off by saying that I've been seeing mixed reviews about this song saying "CL is copying GD" or "I was expecting more from CL". For those who don't know CL she is the leader of a popular Kpop group known as 2ne1. If you have been with 2ne1 from the beginning you would know that GD and CL are very close almost like brother and sister. They both have a similar  hip-hop style so I wasn't surprised when CL came out with this song! I'm not going to lie but when I first saw the MV I was really overwhelmed by the song because their was so much going on ,but if you listen to the song a lot its actually really sounds good! I know that this song has probably shocked a lot of Kpop fans because they were expecting more from her but If you are a true fan you know what she is really capable of so you should show her some support!
Here is some of my favorite outfits from the MV!

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